One intensive day of super focused working on 1 single challenge. this is not the classic structure of the Design Sprint. You get 100% attention for eight hours straight, and I help in every way I can and that benefits your project.

Typical results of A 1 Day SuperSprint:


Business Heart Core Story

Together, we construct and arrange your Business Heart Core Story. This is the story that illustrates your personal WHY and purpose, and your business’ core mission and goals, and how and what you do for your clients.


  • a 30 minute interview with you

  • the real time construction of the story;

  • a recording of the story in a sound file;

  • a document (PDF) of your Business Core Story in a magazine style lay-out.

Innovation Idea Scan

Together, we inspect the scope of the innovative idea that you’re planning to accomplish during a complete Design Sprint Plus, the Creative Achiever Method, or in any other way. We check, and if necessary, improve the scope of your intended Design Sprint idea.


  • Idea Scan

  • Concept Focus session

  • A checklist of what is necessary for your Design Sprint (Plus) to succeed.

Online Strategy Fix

Together, we revise the online strategy for your organization. Focus points usually are: alignment with your core business strategy, synch with your communication goals, your content strategy, and selection of the online channels you’d like to cater.


  • an interview about your current strategy, focusing on what works and what doesn’t work at the moment;

  • a scan of the missing links (or unnecessary clutter) in your current strategy;

  • a synch session to find the commonalities in your online strategy, your content strategy and the online channels you champion.

Your TEDx Talk Story Outline

Together, we craft the outline for your TEDx talk (or any other significant presentation that you want to ace). We work on the core of the story, the structure of the story, and check if you need any supporting materials (slides, and/or extra presentation skills).


  • a 30 minute interview with you;

  • the story outline workshop;

  • the Ten Steps Session;

  • Creative session for choosing your supporting materials.

Your Non-Fiction Book Outline

Together, we work on the ideal table of contents for the non-fiction book you are planning on writing and/or publishing. We will focus on three main areas: your core messages in the book, the table of contents, and your publishing strategy.


  • a 30 minute interview with you;

  • the Table of Contents Workshop;

  • a one page overview guideline page (PDF) for publishing your book.

Your Creative Campaign Intensive

Together, we perform a high speed creative workshop for your campaign. We will focus on finding a unique concept, that stands out from the rest, that resonates with your target group, and that adds value to everyone involved.


  • a 30 minute introduction to the workshop;

  • three high paced 30 minute ideation sessions;

  • a concepting session to outline your campaign.


Do you have a special request for you 1 Day SuperSprint?
Reach out, and perhaps we’ll work on your project soon!