Performing at TEDx is a very intense experience. Not only because it's TEDx, but also because you usually have to deal with other things happening in your life. I can totally relate to that. For me, it was the first time I experienced stage fright. It went well in the end. But the journey towards the event (writing, rehearsing), in the 9 months prior to the event, had a steep learning curve. Also, the fact that my foster dad Coen, the main character of my talk, died just 2 months before the event, and was buried at the cemetery right next to the TEDxDelft venue. In this book, I share how I dealt with these stressful circumstances while preparing for this TEDx talk. I also share...

✔ The essential method to learn a LONG piece of copy by heart, even if you haven't learned anything by heart in 25 years.
✔ How to connect to the audience, when there's no way to interact (because it's TEDx)
✔How you can use these TEDx experiences and tips to perform better in business presentations
✔ Why it's important to intentionally divert from the many copy-pasted TEDx speech formats
✔ How to increase your changes on performing at a TEDx stage
✔ Why you should never underestimate TEDx, even if you're an extremely seasoned public speaker
✔ Why there isn't any room for improvisation at TEDx and why that's really a good thing

I hope this book will be helpful and entertaining to you, and helps you perform the best way possible.

Rock that stage!